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Types of bridal makeup in india

An extravagant affair into which people put their heart, soul and a lot of money is a wedding. And there can be no other kind of wedding in the world that is more grand and exquisite than an Indian wedding. People invest all their time and efforts into planning the perfect wedding.

Types of bridal makeup

Have you wondered what makeup to choose for your wedding? There are so many kinds of bridal makeup out there that fit your culture and tradition, right from muslim, christian and sindhi bridal makeups to south indian makeup. Take a look at the popular types of bridal makeups:

The Muslim bridal look:

The ‘Nikkah’ has a blend of pastels and green that sets the tone of the wedding. This look emphasises on the eyes and a beautiful eye makeup with smokey eye shadows, complemented with bright mouth and lighter hues will be the best choice.

The Christian bridal look:

Christian weddings have a light tone on the whole as the primary colour here is white. This look is all about the eyes. A subtle yet elegant makeup with strong contour, dramatic eyeliner and a pop of matte lipstick will work wonders.

The South Indian bridal look:

The tone of the wedding is peppy, vibrant and full of colours. This look calls for a gold-bronze blend that will help highlight the natural features and also complement the heavy, gorgeous ‘Pattu Saree’ (silk saree).

The Bengali bridal look:

White and red which are the traditional colours of bengali, set the tone of the wedding. This look draws attention to the beautiful die eyes that can be highlighted with kohl, eyeliner and mascara. A pop of bold colour on the lips will seal the deal.

The Sindhi bridal look:

Sindhis are all about making a statement. Elegance is the key to setting the tone of the wedding. This is a dramatic look that includes a lot of glitter, metallic eyeshadow, shimmering highlight of the cheekbones and lipsticks of lighter hues.

The North Indian bridal look:

The tone of the wedding is set by glittery highlights. This look is dominated by an experimental essence with a lot of shimmer and metallics yet keeping it classy.

The Maharashtrian bridal look:

The essence of this wedding is a traditional and a vibrant tone. The look involves soft, romantic makeup that works with a lot of gentle pinks and nude shades.

A wedding is an integral part of a girl’s life. It is the day she gets to look like the princess she has grown up dreaming about. And it is the day, her real prince charming will sweep her off her feet and whisk her away to a place where happily ever afters exist. On such an important day, it is natural that everybody will want to look their absolute best. And to look the best means to hire the best bridal artist. Fiza Makeup Artist is an expert indian bridal makeup artist in Jaipur. She has an experience of more than 22 years in this industry and has done all kinds of bridal makeups.

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