An extravagant affair into which people put their heart, soul and a lot of money is a wedding. And there can be no other kind of wedding in the world that is more grand and exquisite than an Indian wedding. People invest all their time and efforts into planning the perfect wedding. This is because weddings in india symbolise the union of two families rather than two individuals alone. It is an occasion which is an opportunity for families to share the happy news of their children getting married with the world. It is full of grandeur and a lavish affair where the relatives and friends join in on the married couple to celebrate their holy matrimony. This being said gives reason enough for the bride to want to look absolutely gorgeous and stunning in her favorite attire on her favorite day.

On any other day, she would choose to do her own makeup but not today. On this day she would want a professional to make her look her best version. So why are bridal makeups so important?

Significance of bridal makeup & its history

For ages, weddings have held an important place in the hearts of all indians. It holds a significant spot in the culture and tradition of India, one of the pillars that holds our heritage. Since childhood, every girl has been prepared for beginning a new journey with her right match and becoming a part of a new family or starting one. And weddings are the first step on this beautiful journey. Ever since this tradition began, brides have always dreamed of looking beautiful and graceful, wearing the right outfit but most of all having the right makeup. Today, the biggest worry for a bride is to get that flawless bridal makeup done right. The bridal look is expected to be full of elegance, trendy yet traditional. People are willing to spend lump sums of money to get that perfect look, nailing those pictures and becoming the talk of the town. Families too want their daughters to look breathtakingly beautiful as it is a matter of pride for them blended with their desire to uphold their family heritage and culture.

Making the right choice

A wedding is an integral part of a girl’s life. It is the day she gets to look like the princess she has grown up dreaming about. And it is the day, her real prince charming will sweep her off her feet and whisk her away to a place where happily ever afters exist. On such an important day, it is natural that everybody will want to look their absolute best. And to look the best means to hire the best bridal artist. Fiza is an expert indian bridal makeup artist in Jaipur. She has an experience of more than 22 years in this industry and has done all kinds of bridal makeups and she will be the right choice that you make as wedding makeups are all about making the right choice.

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