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Bridal Makeup

I am a professional hair and make-up artists working in and around Rajasthan & Delhi and specialize in weddings.

My experience of over 18+ years in the industry allows us to make your special day a more than memorable one. Our team consists of the some of the most highly skilled people.We currently use some of the most professional products in the hair and make-up industry, including, MAC make-up, kryolan make-up, Cinema secrets and mineral make-up.

Our aim is to give you an amazing wedding day experience and we believe that having a professional hair and make-up artist for your wedding day is a luxury that every bride deserves.

We pride ourselves in providing a very personal service, using our team of fully qualified, skilled freelance wedding hair, make-up artist and draping artists. Every bride is unique and wants to achieve a natural effortless beauty on her wedding day. She wants to be radiant, feminine and feel the confidence that comes from within.

Creative Makeup

Makeup is my form of art and I love using it to create emotion and provoke a thought.

FIZA Make Up is professional make up brand that offers advanced formulas. A line of 100% pure make up luxury, with experienced formulas and intense colours, for multi-faceted beauty that is highly affordable.

Like a beautifully cut diamond, we believes that every woman is unique, brilliant and multidimensional; she is daughter, mother, sister, earth mother, working girl, seductress, goddess, icon and so much more. we empowers women to embrace, articulate and express each facet of their being in every moment; every sensation and every dimension of who they wish to be.

FIZA makeup & hair team works exclusively with make up professionals alongside make up artists to design exceptional shades and superior textures.

Bollywood Makeup

While we are all for the classic smokey eyes and a hot red lipstick, we just as much adore the simplicity of a natural look. It is always in trend and never fails to make an impression. After all the makeup over dose with the holidays, it is a great time to detox your makeup routine and go back to less-is-more. some of the Hollywood and Bollywood actresses who have perfected this art of clean, even toned skin.

In Bollywood, Chitrangada Singh's staple look of dark eyes and a nude lip is one we never get tired of. However this time around, we are all for skipping the smokey eyes and adapt her minimum blush routine. Dia Mirza is another favourite of natural makeup who combines a bare minimum foundation with a hint of lip gloss to keep the face from getting too mono-toned.

Airbrush Makeup

Airbrush makeup is makeup sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush instead of being applied with sponges, brushes, fingers, or other methods. It is popular in film, theatre, and sunless tanning with the advent of high-definition video and television (HD). FIZA makeup & hair is for all women who are passionate about make up. Women who are not afraid to define their own trends and express their individuality!

Character Makeup

Character makeup is all about how to create realistic simulated effects using only your imagination and the materials in your makeup kit. How to create and apply bald caps, perform old age makeup incorporating stretch and stipple techniques, facial hair, tattoos, wounds and burns, various realistic looks such as frozen, dead, junkie, tired, as well as sunburns and all of the life like makeups.