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The word that brings a smile to everyone’s face is ‘Party’ as partying means good food, good clothes, chit chat, music, dance and a lot of fun. So, you ready for the party? No? You don’t have the perfect makeup look? Don’t worry we offer the best party makeup in Jaipur.  Every girl deserves to look gorgeous on any special occasion or party.

Some of you will think that you can do party makeup by yourself as you are good at doing it and don’t need an artist to do so. But think it in this way, there is a party you have to be prepared for that means you need to select the dress which will go according to the theme of the party, heels that match your dress, accessories such as earrings, bracelets, etc. and so many other things. Doing all these things can be very tiring plus hectic and if you will look after the makeup and hairstyling for the party by yourself then how much pressure would be on you.

However, you can always book an appointment with us and we will offer you the best, gorgeous, flawless and amazing look for the party. At Fiza Makeup & Hair we have the best party makeup artist in Jaipur that is full of expertise and experience of more than two decades in this field. There are several reasons you should hire or book an appointment for the makeup artist and hairstylist as mentioned below:

  • The makeup artist knows all the tricks that will help you in bringing out the best features in you.
  • They will highlight and contour in the right place so that you can have the most spectacular look while if you will do the same it can get into the wrong place and affect your looks badly.
  • At parties, we obviously take lots of photos with friends and colleagues but not getting ready according to that can result in drastic photographs. But if you will get your makeup by our professional experts you will see the difference by yourself as they will apply the makeup flawlessly according to the need of a photograph.
  • Professional hairstylists and makeup artists know every technique to make your hairstyle and makeup last longer than usual with the use of the right products.
  • A makeup artist and hairstylist knows how to make the most of your look and hair so that you can stand out from the crowd and every eye falls on you.


Party makeups are not as costly as any other makeup it is quite affordable in comparison with the rest. The right makeup boosts your confidence to the next level as it covers all the blemishes that are on your face and also shapes your face more perfectly. It’s not always about getting excessive makeup, you can also go for the natural classic appearance through makeup.
Living in modern life at this time requires a woman to always have a magnificent look especially when you have to meet with some special people at the party. Our party makeup artists start from the base, then foundation, hiding blemishes, up to applying the right lipstick on your lips.

Fiza Makeup & Hair is owned by the famous personality of the makeup industry Fiza Khan. Here the artists are super talented and skilled so that aim to make your appearance breath-taking for any party or occasion you are about to go. The products that we use are paraben and sulfate-free so that it does not affect your skin and health. Also, they check your skin and hair complexion, tone, length, features, shape accordingly and then select the product for your makeup and hairstyling that helps in bringing out your personality.

You can ask the artist to apply makeup on your skin either with the use of brush, sponge or with the help of airbrush. The experts will go ahead as per your choice and preferences. Not only this doing makeup also protects your skin from pollution, but it also makes you picture-perfect, gives you a better complexion, helps you look younger and so much more. Apart from this makeup also allows you to appear more competent even if you are not. And you agree to it or not it is the fun part of the evening.

The overall effect of the makeup and hairstyling at the time of any party or occasion will be positive as it will boost up your confidence and self-esteem that will help you in contact with each and every new person in the party confidently. It will completely transform your personality into an amazing one and enhance your beauty.

So go ahead book an appointment or hire a party makeup artist from Fiza Makeup & Hair and get ready to be the face of the night on whom everyone will focus and wants to talk with.

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