Conceptual Make-up: Just as the name suggests, Conceptual Make-up is an altogether advanced level of makeup and skills based on specific themes or concepts. These are used in major fashion events, theme parties, dramatic photo shoots, etc., and is considered to have much for creativity. Application of a varied range of colors, using various types of professional makeup tool and brushes, adding accessories to the facial and body makeup and creating a completely unique look is the focus of a conceptual make-up. To create an illustration formerly and then implement it on the model and client is the way. Identifying the type of skin texture, colour, and type of products suitable, a conceptual makeup artist can expand the makeup anyhow he or she wants to. There is no limit to it.

We, at Fiza Hair and Make-Up, guide you on how to make the brows perfect, how to use colours according to the subject, the right medium to be used for the same and how to analyze and make different shapes and proper contours over the face, how to use the blending brushes perfectly, how to draw different patterns on eyeliners and hence glorify the effects etc. For conceptual makeup, it is essential to develop a genuine interest and take the idea or imagination to reality. This is not possible without the passion and practice. We analyze your creative levels and accordingly let you learn, practice and progress for a brighter future as a conceptual artist.

This Advanced Professional Makeup Course is an intensive course which covers a wide spectrum of skills and artistic approach essential to become a conceptual makeup artist. The entire course gives you a much deeper insight into the tips and tricks of the industry and trade. It is not only meant for full-time makeup artists but also for freelancers who wish to update their creative skills. We provide you the entire set of knowledge required to be an amazing Conceptual Makeup Artist. Namely:Pro-Product & Tools Knowledge ,The concept of ColourWheel, Colour Theory, Skin Colour Correction, Master Foundation Application, Master concealer Application, contouring (Cream and Palette), highlighting, lightening facial hair and marks, master blending technique, multicolored smokey eyes, multicolored eye shadows after understanding the skin texture and color, multicolored eyeliners, body make up, multi coloured pigments, ethnic makeup and so much more. As you choose us, you hand over your dreams to us, and we ensure to make it bigger and better with the time emerging from that very instant. Learning is a process and to be a good makeup artist you need to keep learning. We provide you the right type of environment for you to grow personally and professionally and take your skills to the sky! Fiza Makeup and Hair, an esteemed makeover and makeup academy are here to fulfill your dreams and take it to the next level. Join us at the earliest and avail of the best training.

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