There is nothing as blissful as a flawless skin and to add, a flawless make-up. Airbrush make up is one of the most loved make up, especially by brides all over the world. For a neat finish, that gives a look of less make up and more focussed on maintaining the natural beauty of the client, an airbrush make up for wedding is the the best and most convenient. Air brush make up for wedding acts like a boon for brides primarily with oily skin, as the silicone based make up stays flawless throughout the day. No one goes for a cakey look today. Why to take off the natural look when make up is meant for enhancement of the natural features keeping it as beautiful and glowing. Airbrush make-up doesn’t smudge or smear even if you encounter rain, sweat or get tears. It stays all day long. Here, at our academy we are to make experts. A set of skills and the right kind of determination makes it go a long way. The world has advanced manifold in almost all industries and with the evolving time, the wedding events are getting more and more glamourous and also full of events and fun. Airbrush makeup is the make up sprayed onto the skin with the help of an airbrush instead of sponges, fingers or other methods. Fiza Make up and hair proudly offers you the most innovative and advanced airbrush makeup courses available. The course includes : high definition airbrushing, fashion, bridal and on-stage make up essentials. Taught by professionals and experts, you find yourself developing a never ending desire for mastering the art of make up.With the increasing demand of HD perfect and flawless makeup, Airbrush has become an important tool for the makeup industry. An extremely finished and polished looks and a lasting finish is in demand in all arena of the fashion and television industry as well as weddings. Whether you are passionate about Bridal, Special FX, Fashion, films etc., the airbrush makeup course is perfect for you. This training fortifies your knowledge of products and their effects and with the necessary ideas of the equipments, techniques, skills etc. on how to apply them, and the mental preparation and confidence to use your airbrush makeup at the highest standard, you are sure to be the next trainer for the same. Using a range of make up tools and products our students learn how to produce a dewy, wonderful, flawless complexion and develop their creative set of skills at their best utilising a wide number of airbrush foundations, body airbrush tools, blushers, highlighters, contour-sticks or plates. So your wait is over and the time has begun to switch on to your goals and let us take care of its accomplishment ! We, at Fiza make up and hair take care of your interests, your skill set and time assuring you never to have to repent on your decision of choosing us as your mentor, guide and friend.

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