14 Sep

How to Wash & Style Your Curly Hair and Get a Perfect Look for a Party?

You are blessed if you have curly hairs. Women with curly hairs enjoy the natural curls and bounce. But when it comes to maintaining them it’s not easy as they need proper care, time. If you too have curly hair and looking for tips for maintaining curly hairs, this is article is for you! We are going to cover all aspects regarding; styling curly hair for party, maintaining curly hairs and more.

Generally, curly hairs are dry because the oil produced by your scalp enables to reach to the end of your strands, due to the kinks and curls. Handling them is not an easy task; it needs extra care and nourishment. The first thing comes in the list of maintaining the curly hairs are washing the hairs in the right way.

1. Use a nourishing shampoo for washing curly hairs.

2. Before washing your hairs always detangle your curly hair by using the appropriate comb.

3. While detangling your hairs start combing them from the end not in the up to the down direction.

4. Use products that are smooth and make the hair frizz-free and help in detangling your hair.

5. After washing your hairs, use a mild conditioner to smoothen your hairs and helps you to manage them later.

Once you are done with conditioning, then again you need to comb your hairs to proceed further for styling.

Brush from the ends as you know it works that way for that curly hair. Never start brushing your hair from the roots or even from the mid-length of your hair. As if you do so, you will end up breaking your hair and waste a lot of your time in detangling them. Brushing from the ends softens up the hair and opens up the tightly packed curls.

Apply hair products
You need to apply hair serums, which will control the frizz of your curly hair and makes them less problematic and more manageable. It also works for you to get the desired look for your party.

If you are going to use hair stylers, you can also use hair sprays, heat protectants to prevent any damage to your luscious locks.

You can also use hair products that can give hydration to your hair as it gives them a boost and a lot of shine and lustre, too, and let your hair shine like beautiful Bollywood divas and celebrities. There are products like curls cream; you can try that out too.

Now the turn is styling segment, as you have already prepared your hair in advance, half of the work has been done. You just need to set your curly hair as you wish to do for the party.

Most people prefer a scrunched effect to their curly hair. Let us tell what the perfect way to use the scrunched effect is.

For doing Scrunch you need to part your hairs partly, you can part your hair from the middle or side whichever way you like or divide your hair into sections.

Scrunch from the tips, start with gentle pressure, apply hair setting cream, and again scrunch them. You can do this as per your choice of tightened curls look. Slowly move to the mid-lengths and scrunch. When you are done with scrunching, leave them to stay. This gives you the desired volume and bounce.

Another way you can get that party-ready hair is by using a curling rod.
if you wish to add uniformity to your curly hairs and define them more, use a curling rod. Use a smaller or tapered barrel rod on your dry hair and start curling as per the defined look you want. You can just intensify from the mid-lengths and get the perfect looking curls. Finish off with a hair setting spray to keep them intact.

You can also go for a blow-dry technique.
This is also a technique to give your hair a party-ready look. You can blow dryer your hair and scrunch altogether, clip your curls with jaw pins, or any regular pins to define them. Blow-dry them a little longer. Do this for entire locks and once you are done blow drying, take out the clips and give them a blow and wear party makeup, and you are good to go. You can always add a hair accessory if you want.

If you are a girl who does not prefer to keep them open, you can try the braid game and change your look.
To get a party-ready hairstyle, you need to part your hair in two sections with a middle parting. Take one section from the left side of the hair and put them together in a thin braid, clip this side and take the same amount of hair from the right side of your hair, again start braiding with this side too, once you are done open the clip on the left side. Now add these two together and tie them with a tiny hair scrunchie. Leave it free to slide down, and you are ready. If you want to add more braids, you can repeat this process by taking hair from the lower part of the add and create a second braid and tie them again in a hair scrunchie. Add some party wears makeup and rock this hairstyle for any party. If you don’t know how to do party makeup, check out some party makeup in Jaipur videos and learn the tricks, and head out to the event.

So, these are the few tried and trusted ways you can manage your curly hair and get them to party-ready.

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