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Bridal Makeup 101: The Essential Guide

Weddings are a
significant part in life’s journey. A wedding is a ceremony that is considered
to be the holy union of two souls until death parts them. And in fact,
marriages are said to be matches made in heaven.

Why are Weddingsso important in India?

Weddings are a part
of India’s rich tradition and culture. Here, it isn’t just about the two
individuals, but two families uniting together. It is a blend of pride,
heritage, love, joy and a lot of emotions. Marriages in india, last for many
days. Although the actual wedding gets over within a couple of hours, the
celebrations may last up to a week. There are so many festivities that take
place as part of the wedding. And they vary from religion to religion, caste to
caste, place to place and family to family. Weddings are a lavish affair

Where to begin planning the wedding?

A lot of efforts go
into planning a wedding. It takes months of running around in fact. This is why
some people hire wedding planners to make it easy for them. But most people
like to plan their own weddings and have planners only to assist them in
certain aspects. So what are the preparations that need to be done? A venue
plays a major role is planning the perfect wedding. It can be an exotic destination,
a traditional marriage hall, home sweet home or a place of worship. People
generally hire wedding planners to decorate the place once the theme is chosen.
Once the venue is finalised, the wedding invitations are designed, printed and
personally given out to friends and family. Then comes the crucial fragment of
a wedding. Shopping and grooming. From picking the perfect outfit for each
occasion and what jewellery to match with each outfit to deciding the hairstyle
and makeup, there’s a lot of work involved. Shopping trips are so many that you
might lose count of them. To look and feel fabulous, grooming has to be done
right. There are a lot of bridal artists and professionals who are hired to
take care of the grooming.

Why is bridal makeup significant?

That one day in
your life where you get to wear extravagant clothes and look a bit extra is
your wedding day. You may want to look your most beautiful self as it is a day
where the world will witness your happiness radiating from within as it marks
the beginning of your journey with your life partner. This is where bridal
makeups come into the picture. Bridal makeups help you look your absolute best
and looking your best means glowing with confidence and resonating joy.

How is the bridal makeup done?

Bridal makeup, specifically indian makeup is art mastered by a handful. It
takes more than skills alone; it takes taste and experience, a third eye to
know what kind of makeup suits a person. There are so many different makeups
today. With that being said, you must hire a professional who understands your
skin, knows what works for you and at the same time creates a look that you
love. So how is the bridal makeup done? Usually, the bridal makeup
artist will arrive at the place where you need to get ready a couple of hours
before the wedding. If it is a morning wedding, they will come very early in
the morning or if the wedding is in the evening, they will come in the
afternoon and begin their work. The reason they arrive early is because every bridal
is a masterpiece that requires its time. It isn’t like regular
makeup where you get dressed in half an hour. So, on the day of your wedding,
ensure you wake up at least 3-4 hours prior to the time of the wedding. Wear
your outfit alone and begin getting your makeup done. You need not to worry
about  your day. It is very important to
relax. It is understandable that the anxiousness will haunt you. Take a deep
breath and count to 10. Meditate if it helps. But don’t let those wedding
jitters eat you alive. The stress will show on your face and in turn be
reflected on your bridal makeup. Now that’s not something you would want
to see right? Trust the artist and you will see your transformation into a
beautiful bride. Lets not let some temporary jitters ruin our stunning look and
stop us from being the talk of the town.

What are the bridal makeup tips to be followed?

Getting the right
look is not just about being ready on the day of your wedding. There’s a lot of
background work you must do in order to achieve that perfect look. Here are the
top 10 tips that might help you look your best:

  1. Cleanse your face and lips. It is
    important to have a daily cleansing ritual to keep your face and lips
    moisturised and oil free. Set a reminder on your phone and begin this cleansing
    regime at least a month or two in advance
  2. Be wise to choose the best
    products that suit your skin. Not many know that not all products can suit
    everybody’s skin. There is this notion that all expensive products that are
    popular in the market will work well on your skin. But the truth is entirely
    different. In reality, only specific products blend with your skin type. The
    rest will give you rashes and redness. So it is important to try the different
    products and choose the best one that is friendly to your skin
  3. Like all that glitters is not
    gold, not all kinds of bridal makeup will suit you. Do a lot of research
    and trials to zero down on that one look that not only blends with your skin
    tone but also goes hand in hand with your outfit
  4. Hire the best makeup artist to do
    your makeup. Get a trial makeup done in advance to know if he/she is the one.
    Doing it on your own can prove to be disastrous and stressful. So rule that
    option out completely
  5. Do not over do your makeup. You
    might end up looking like a clown from the circus. Moderation is the key to
    look glam and it is the trend now
  6. Get the best concealer that suits
    you and make sure to try it on. You might need it in case of an emergency when
    a pimple pops out in the 11th hour like an unwanted guest
  7. Make sure that you have good
    makeup brushes. If not go buy them right away
  8. Get a good hair spray and makeup
    spray to keep your look intact throughout your wedding. I’m positive that you
    wouldn’t want any last minute mess up
  9. Ensure that you have tried your
    entire look we’ll in advance to get the feel of it and to practice carrying
    yourself with confidence
  10. Last and most essential tip is to stay calm. Yes you heard me right.
    Staying relaxed is the most important thing. As it more likely to show on your
    face if you’re jittery. Meditate and take deep breaths every now and then

What bridal makeup look to choose?

You might have
looked pictured yourself looking like Deepika Padukone or Priyanka Chopra in
your wedding dress. But have you wondered if that look will actually suit you?
Moreover, nothing can beat looking your own beautiful self, being comfortable
in your own skin. Having said that, it is equally important to research about
the various looks that can be suitable for you. There are so many kinds of
wedding makeups and looks out there that will work magic for you. Do enough
number of trials to see what works best in your favour. Discuss with your
beautician. But remember to choose a look that goes well with your skin tone
and matches perfectly with the outfit that you plan to wear on your day.

Choosing the best makeup artist

Weddings are a
lavish affair. Everybody wants a dreamy, fairytale type of a wedding in which
they wish to appear like a princess. Not everybody can  give you that exquisite look. Only experts
and experienced professional artists can create that magical look. One such
makeup guru is Fiza Makeup Artist who owns Fiza makeup. She is a popular
brand in the industry and has more than 22 years of experience and is a
specialist in indian bridal makeup. She is the best makeup artist in
.If you happen to host your wedding in jaipur, she is the perfect
makeup artist you’re looking for.

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